The study plans of the Master in Transportation Enginering And Mobility allow for a flexible learning framework within which it is easy to choose the roadmap that best suits your needs.

General Study Plan

The General Study Plan is the reference that allows the students to compose their study plans according to general rules. Indeed, the Educational Management Board of the Master’s Degree evaluates all proposed study plans according to the rules of the General Study Plan. 

Pre-filled Study Plans

Students can choose among pre-filled Study Plans as well. In this case, the Educational Management Board automatically approves the choice. Currently, MSc-TEAM allows for three pre-filled plans: 

  • Smart Mobility 
  • Smart Planning 
  • Resilient Networks 

Special study Plans

The Master’s programme in Transportation And Mobility Engineering allows specific training plans to obtain the diploma of Smart Infrastructure Developer. However, the specific plans require extra activities for an additional 10 ETCS. 

In particular, MSC-TEAM includes SID_A and SID_B as specific study plans for the Smart Infrastructure Developer diploma. They ensure compliance with the general rules of the special training path at the University of Naples Federico II. They add 10 ETCS activities to the Master’s standard programmes (General and Pre-filled). Indeed, currently, the MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility allows for choosing two Smart Infrastructures Developer Study Plans, in addition to the General and the Pre-filled ones. 

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The MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is one of the master Courses of the International Catalogue at Federico II. The Course is taught in English and allows Italian, EU  and non-EU students to grow in a stimulating international context.

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