The Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering And Mobility responds to the deep ongoing transformations in the field of transportation. The MSc aims at trainingt a new generation of engineers, to meet transformation challenges. The MSc satisfies the demand for new skills and competencies, as required by the job market at a national and international level.

The Master’s degree trains transportation and mobility engineers to compete under changed conditions and perspectives. They can leverage the acquired transportation modelling and simulation skills to develop economic growth and sustainability solutions. 

To this aim, the Master’s degree in transportation engineering and mobility at the University of Naples Federico II offers a learning approach oriented toward a wide range of specific skills. Students explore applicative problems in internships and master theses. They develop and test solutions side-to-side with industrial stakeholders. Experiential and lab-based teaching integrate training activities to land the job market rapidly. As a result, the Master’s graduates work in highly innovative professional contexts, with a significant propensity to use new technologies.

The job opportunities for the master’s graduate in Transportation Engineering and Mobility are in public and private companies and administrations:

  • taking responsibility for mobility and transportation;
  • dealing with transport infrastructures, networks and services;
  • dealing with the production and management of mobility services and MaaS;
  • operating autonomous and connected fleets of vehicles;
  • developing and experimenting with innovation in the transport of people and goods.

The master’s graduate covers job activities with highly specialised professional, intellectual and scientific functions in transport engineering. In the early stage of their careers, they could also cover technical functions.

The knowledge, skills and abilities acquired by the master’s graduates allow for extensive employment opportunities, ranging over many sectors.

The MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is one of the master Courses of the International Catalogue at Federico II. The Course is taught in English and allows Italian, EU  and non-EU students to grow in a stimulating international context.

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