Some good reasons to enrol in MSc-TEAM. The National Transportation Cluster endorses the Master's degree in Transportation Engineering And Mobility at the University of Naples Federico II.

Ennio Cascetta suggests some good reasons to enrol in the Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and Mobility.

The Cluster

More than 30 companies and research centres in all areas of transportation contribute to the Cluster. The association includes Ferrovie dello Stato, Stellantis, Hitachi, Fincantieri and many others, up to small start-ups and more than 30 research centres. These companies perform a total turnover of 33 billion euros per year and thousands of workers.

The world of transportation and logistics quickly changes

The National Transport Cluster recognises a revolutionary phase is ongoing in Italy, as in the rest of the world. Disruptive changes and technological/organisational innovations affect transportation systems. The self-driving vehicles, the decarbonisation of transport, and the creation of drastically new mobility services are some of the innovation drivers in the transportation of people and goods.

Enrol in MSc-TEAM

We need to address these innovations and this revolutionary phase, says Cascetta. A new generation of technicians should master these changes. We need new engineers, young and open-minded people. We need people who think differently than in the past. For these reasons, the Cluster expresses its interest in MSc-TEAM.
We look forward to seeing many young graduates helping their own country and, why not, Europe take a leading role in the era of transitions.

The MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is one of the master Courses of the International Catalogue at Federico II. The Course is taught in English and allows Italian, EU  and non-EU students to grow in a stimulating international context.

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