New impetus to the project MaaS4Naples. The Municipality of Naples convenes the mobility actors who have joined the MaaS4Naples project.

New impetus for sustainability

During the meeting, the mobility actors and the Universities sign the participation agreements. The Municipality of Naples asks for a new impetus to the project MaaS4Naples. On the occasion of Sustainable Mobility Week, the City informs the public of the project. It will help change citizens’ perception of the transportation services of the city and orient travel behaviour in a more rational way. The project will boost mobility paradigms more convenient for individual users and economically, environmentally and energetically sustainable. 

New impetus from universities

The project involves the University of Naples Federico II as a scientific advisor. Furthermore, Federico II and the universities Vanvitelli and Suor Orsola Benincasa will develop a MaaS platform for university students, giving new impetus to the project.
The discussion and development of this new mobility concept for the city of Naples will fully involve MSc-TEAM.

The project is presented under the initiatives of the week for sustainable mobility. Professor Bifulco underlines the impact of the MaaS paradigm on sustainably, as well as the importance for Naples to be fully consistent with the national conceptual framework of the project MaaS4Italy. 

Linked initiatives by Federico II

The new impetus to the project MaaS4Maples is good news for the National Center for Sustainable Mobility. Federico II fully participates in the Center, including in spoke 8, explicitly dedicated to Mobility-as-a-Service topics. MSc-TEAM will cooperate with Spoke 8. Students enrolled with MSc-TEAM will exploit their internship projects, participate in the Center’s activities and take advantage of the developed research and innovation facilities.


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