Systems and Control fundamentals are offered to Italian and international students of the Master’s degree course in Transport and Mobility Engineering according to the schedule adopted by the University of Naples Federico II.

Lectures in Systems and Control fundamentals hold in English. Italian and international students should have a minimum English proficiency level of B2. Interested people should contact the teacher or consult the teacher’s web page for specific information. Students must access a final examination test at the end of each class’s lectures and learning activities. Teachers’ web pages detail all the applicable examination tests; please, refer to the teacher’s web page for up-to-date information. Enrolled students can book the final examination or have more information using the segrepass students’ platform. The University of Naples Federico II supplies for free to all enrolled students a personal license for Microsoft Office with 1TB Onedrive available cloud space, as well as Matlab from Mathworks and other software utilities.

Maps of the classrooms

A great part of the classes hold in Agnano; some classes and some of the laboratories, as well as the administrative offices and the headquarter, are located in Via Claudio

Systems and Control Fundamentals how to reach,(google map)Classes in via Claudio
Systems and Control Fundamentalshow to reach, (google map)Classes in Agnano
The headquarter is in
Via Claudio
how to reach, (google map)Headquarter

Syllabus of the learning activities

The Syllabus can be found on the University of Naples Federico II website.

Calendar for examination

The calendar for the examination can be found on the teacher’s web page or, if unavailable, could be accessed here.

Teacher’s web page

Find here the teacher’s web page with details and dynamically updated information

Contact the teacher

Get in contact with the teacher by e-mail: Stefania Santini

Segrepass students’ platform

Access the students’ platform here.

Software utilities and productivity suites for enrolled students

Microsoft Office

Mathworks Matlab (and other software)

Free/discounted Autodesk licenses (unlockable educational access available for Federico II students)

Other software suites

Contact the Directory of the Studies or others of the staff

Find the references of the staff on our contact page: Contact us

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Proff.sa Stefania SANTINI
Room NA-I-A9 (Agnano)

Proff.sa Stefania SANTINI
Room NA-I-A9 (Agnano)