Easy and happy enrolling of non-EU students for year 2023-24 in the MSc in Transportation Engineering And Mobility. An how-to guide from pre-enrolment to admission and Visa. The roadmap to start a brillant future in the field of transportation and mobility.

 (to be exhibitedEasy and happy enrolling


Candidate students require a level 6 qualification (or above), according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Engineering background

The MSc in Transportation Engineering And Mobility requires a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Students should exhibit a Bachelor in one of the classes L7 (Civil and Environmental Engineering), L8 (Computer and ICT Engineering), or L9 (Industrial Engineering).

Non-engineering previous studies

In this case, admission is subject to the assessment of basic knowledge requirements. A non-engineering Bachelor’s should comprise at least 36 ETCS in basic sciences (maths, physics, etc.). On top, it should comprise at least 39 ETCS in industrial engineering, information and communication technology, or civil engineering.

Language requirements

Candidate students should provide evidence of English language proficiency at level B2 or above. We recognise the certificates issued by the University or a higher-level body recognised by the University of Naples Federico II. An MOI (Medium of Instruction) certificate is accepted. Otherwise, individual testing of English proficiency will be required after enrolment.


Non-EU students must pre-enrol online through the Universitaly Portal, the only entry point for pre-enrolment. Generally, the portal opens in mid-March and closes in mid-July. Candidate students should indicate the University of Naples Federico II and choose the Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and Mobility (Master’s Class LM23). They have to specify the Embassy/Consulate where they will apply for the visa to Italy.

The University of Naples Federico II will assess the pre-enrolment application. The University forwards positive evaluations to the Embassy/Consulate responsible for the visa. Federico II also delivers a pre-enrolment letter/acknowledgement to the Embassy/Consulate.

Pre-enrolment documents (to be uploaded on the Universitaly Portal)

  • Passport;
  • Bachelor’s degree Certificate (students should have attained the final Bachelor’s graduation);
  • Transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended, and the exams passed to obtain the Bachelor’s degree;
  • A detailed description of the course programs taken;
  • Language certificate (proficiency in the English Language – at least level B2);
  • Motivation letter;
  • Letter/s of recommendation.

Optionally, candidate students could contact the director of the studies  (prof. Cino Bifulco, gnbifulc@unina.it), asking for an anticipated pre-enrolment letter/acknowledgement. In this case, candidate students must send by e-mail all the documents listed above. The director of the studies ignores all requests issued before the 1st of February of the matriculation year. Suppose the director of studies positively assesses the pre-enrolment; he sends the letter/acknowledgement back to the candidate student. The candidate student should upload it to the Universitaly Portal with all required documents.

Note that the Universitaly Portal is the only entry-point for pre-enrolment. All contacts with the director of the studies only have an unofficial valence and don’t have any value as a pre-enrolment application. Moreover, the pre-enrolment positive assessment on the Universitaly portal doesn’t ensure a successful enrol for non-EU students.


MSc-TEAM does not require an admission test. Pre-requisites (see above) are the only requirements the admission Commission checks based on the pre-enrolment documentation.

Final Enrolment for non-EU students

Accepted students should enrol at the University of Naples premises after the pre-enrolment procedure has succeeded and the visa is obtained. Be sure to get in contact for enrolment with the  specific Secretariat Office for Engineering courses:

Enrolment starts on September 1st (and ends in March), while classes start on September 20th.

Documents for final enrolment

  • identity document/passport (to be shown) + one copy to be left at the student office
  • proof of payment of tuition fees (e.g. deposit at the bank counter)
  • passport size photograph in .jpeg format
  • visa permit (to be shown) + one copy to be left at the student office
  • permit of stay
  • copy of the pre-admission letter (to be shown) + one copy to be left at the student office
  • declaration of value (DOV) issued by the competent Embassy or CIMEA certificate of comparability
  • copy of the bachelor’s degree (to be shown) + one copy to be left at the student office
  • tax code (Codice Fiscale)
  • application form


Tuition fees (non-EU students)

€140/year regional tax (compulsory) + €16,00 legal stamp (compulsory)


Accommodation, Tax Code and other services

We strongly suggest getting in touch with the International Welcome Desk, even before the arrival in Naples. The University of Naples offers free “Codice Fiscale” (Tax Code) and accommodation assistance through the International Students’ Union (ISU).

Early contact is crucial for maximizing the chance to access accommodation services. Once admitted to the University of Naples Federico II, students can contact ISU – International Welcome Desk – Largo Santa Maria La Nova, 12 – 1st floor on the left- 80138 Napoli. ISU is open Mon/Fri: 9.00/19.00 (phone: +39 324 5947719, WhatsApp: +39 327 6778291, internationalwelcomedesk@unina.it accomodation@unina.it).


Every year the ADISURC (Azienda per il Diritto allo Studio della Regione Campania) launches a call for applications for scholarships (services and money) for students attending university courses.


Further information

Further guides for enrolment for all Study Courses in Federico II are available at Study in Italy (by Ministry),  Admission Regulation,  Admission Regulation.

Dedicated resources for India

The Uni-Italia network supplies smooth support for pre-enrolment and visa procedures for Indian Students. Read here for more details.

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