Benefits of the new Moova Space Pass programme. October 25th 2022, during an interview for Uniradio, professor Bifulco presents an outstanding learning roadmap in transportation and mobility. The Moova Space Pass programme supports the MSc TEAM and increases the learning opportunities and the possibility for an early and very satisfactory access to the job market.

Professor Bifulco discusses the benefits of the new Moova Space Pass Programme for the industrial context and the Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering And Mobility. 

Moova Space Pass adopts a learning approach oriented to deep understanding and use of new technologies in transportation and mobility. The initiative follows the establishment of the Excellence Centre for Mobility and Logistics by Almaviva and Federico II. Almaviva participates in the programme side-by-side with the University of Naples, ANM and the Municipality of Naples. The sponsorship of the Municipality drastically increases the programme’s relevance.

The students enrolled for the Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering And Mobility can access the Moova Space Pass. The programme looks to the other University of Naples students, as well as to PhD students and younger researchers.

The programme establishes several joint laboratories operated with an open approach. The students are deeply involved in the lab activities at all levels.

Moova Space Pass adopt a challenge-based learning approach. It ensures the application of theoretical knowledge and skills to operational tasks. The programme provides early and privileged access to the job market, thanks to the support of ANM, Almaviva and all industrial partners of Almaviva.

Professor Bifulco discusses the benefits of the new Moova Space Pass programme during a radio interview held on 25 July 2022 at UniRadio.

The MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is one of the master Courses of the International Catalogue at Federico II. The Course is taught in English and allows Italian, EU  and non-EU students to grow in a stimulating international context.

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