2 New and effective resources for Indian students: uni-Italia helps you with enrolment. Indian students can count on a smoother pre-enrolment and enrolment process. The uni-Italy network offers practical support for a safer and more effective experience. Different resources at different stages, from free to cheap services.

2 new and effective resources for 2023-24

The Uni-Italia network helps Indian student applicants with the pre-enrolment and enrolment process. Different services are available at different prices, from free to cheap. The process and resources apply to enrolment for 2023-24.


The enrolment roadmap in general

Enrolment is a process with its rules and steps. It is highly recommended to familiarise yourself with the basic principles of enrolment:

  • pre-enrolment; students need to pre-enrol; at this stage, they need to access the Universitaly platform, which is the only entry point of the enrolment process; the platform will probably open in mid-March 2023 and close in mid-July 2023; students choose the University and Study Plan they wish to apply; they upload all the required documentation and the platform contacts the chosen university to check whether the student meets the requirements for enrolment;
  • obtaining the visa; in the event of a positive assessment, the university issues a letter of pre-acceptance which is forwarded to the embassy to start the visa-issuing phase; the candidate student submits appropriate documents and the Embassy, based on these documents, convenes the candidate student for an interview and assesses the issue of the visa;
  • final enrolment; the candidate student must travel to Italy and apply for final enrolment; the application takes place face-to-face and is based on the documents already presented to the embassy (or obtained from it), copies of pre-enrolment documentation, a few other documents (e.g. tax code) and the presentation of receipts for payment of tuition fees (to be paid in Italy).

For more details on the general roadmap read here.

Free help resources by Uni-Italia for Indian students

The Uni-Italia network is an organisation aimed at supporting Italian universities’ internationalisation. The network has strong connections with many Italian Universities and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It operates in India with the main office in Mumbai, as well as offices in New Delhi and Kolkata.

As a free service to candidate Indian students, Uni-Italia collects and shares with interested Italian universities and candidate Indian students the list of the document requested by the Italian embassies and consulates in India for issuing the visa (after a successful pre-enrolment process). The links of the required document for the embassy/consulate of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkota are:

Note that in all cases the pre-enrolment letter by the University of Naples is directly sent to the embassies/consulates via the Universitaly platform; however, candidate students can ask for a copy of the letter to the director of the studies of the MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility.

Cheap comprehensive support by Uni-Italia for Indian students

The Uni-Italia network in Mumbai supplies strong support to candidate students wishing to enrol in the MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility. The services are detailed in the brochure Services and resources for Indian Students. The support includes a flexible mix of the following services

  • Guidance in Pre-enrolment Application
  • Guidance in Declaration of Value (DoV) application
  • Guidance in legalization of documents for scholarship application
  • Translation of study documents to Italian
  • Guidance in Study Visa Application

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