MSc Transportation Engineering and Mobility (TEAM)

 “Pre-enrollment procedure is open”

     "Pre-enrollment procedure is open"      In order to comply with Italian...

“Naples was ranked first in the ranking of “MaaS” sustainable mobility projects”

     "Naples was ranked first in the ranking of "MaaS" sustainable mobility projects...

“Federico II: a manifesto for peace”

     "Federico II: a manifesto for peace"       On the recommendation of...

Timetable of the second term

  The timetable of the classes for the second term has been published     The...

MIMS is central to NRRP implementations

NRRP: 62 billion euros allocated to MIMS for sustainable mobility, infrastructures and logistics,...

ANM and DICEA together for the AMaaS

Adaptive-MaaS concept The concept was presented by professor Cino Bifulco and engineers Felice...

Infrastructure for sustainable mobility

Infrastructure for sustainable mobility Transform Italy's transport network to create more modern...

Examination and graduation sessions: provisions for the January-March 2022 session

Provisions for the January-March 2022 session    The exam sessions in the January-March 2022...

Smart infrastructure developer

  What is the Minor? Within the framework of the most modern directions of university...

Pre-requisites for enrolling in the TEAM MSc

  Pre-requisites for enrolling in the TEAM MSc To enroll in the TEAM MSc, a three-year degree...

Mastering a Changing World

  • Get ready for new paradigms and technologies

  • Acquire skills for the next revolution in transportation

  • Join the leading research team in Italy on transportation

  • Experiment a challenge-based learning approach

  • Get in early touch and cooperate with stakeholders

MSc TEAM study programs

The programs are held entirely in English.

Different solutions for your needs

  • Master of Science, 120 ETCS
    your legally-recognised 7th level educational qualification

  • Minor programs (Smart Infrastructure Developer), 30 ETCS
    increase your  skills during MSc or if you already have a 6th or 7th level qualification

  • Single courses

    anticipate your acces to MSc or update
    your professional skills

The University of Naples Federico II

The oldest public university in the world

Federico II is the first university in southern Italy with over 40.000 students. The University of Naples Federico II ranked 2nd for Transportation Engineering in Italy and 23rd Europe and in the first 100 positions in the World with 12.893 publications made and 269.656 citations received

Italy rank

Europe rank

World rank


University Departments of Excellence

University Departments of Excellence is a Government initiative (Legge n. 232/2016 – Legge di Bilancio 2017) aimed at consolidating and strengthening, within the 14 CUN areas, the best 180 Departments of State Universities. An annual budget of 271 million euros is allocated to these departments.

The MSc in Transportation Engineering and Mobility (TEAM) is part of the DICEA Department, which stands out for the quality of the research produced and the quality of the development project.

Board of managers

The MSc board of manager

The MSc is managed by some of the faculty member that are responsible of the courses

Prof. Gennaro Nicola (Cino) Bifulco

Prof. Gennaro Nicola (Cino) Bifulco

Coordinator of the board

Cino is a Professor in transportation at the University of Naples “Federico II”, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, he is a member of the scientific committee of the national technology cluster recognized by MIUR “Trasporti Italia 2020” in which he collaborates with the main national players in innovation and production for the promotion of Industry 4.0 in the world of transport.

•	Claudio Mancuso

• Claudio Mancuso


Claudio is a Professor in geotechnical engineering at the University of Naples “Federico II”, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. He is a member of TC 106 – Unsaturated Soils of the ISSMGE. Claudio collaborates and directs national and international established research groups focusing on the mechanical response of soils in both saturated and unsaturated conditions, and the analysis of related engineering structures.

•	Gianluca Dell'Acqua

• Gianluca Dell'Acqua


Gianluca is a full Professor at the University of Naples Federico II. He coordinates didactic and research agreements with the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania).

•	Luca D'acierno

• Luca D'acierno

Associate Professor

Luca D’Acierno is an Associate Professor in transportation at the University of Naples “Federico II”, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. He is a member of the Italian Society of Transport Lecturers and a member of the Italian Association of Railway Engineers. He currently collaborates with several Italian public administrations for the definition of public transport plans.

•	Stefania Santini

• Stefania Santini

Assistant Professor

Stefania Santini is an Associated Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Information Technologies (DIETI) at the University of Naples “Federico II”, where she leads the Distributed Automation Systems Lab (DAiSYLab: She is involved in many projects with industry, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, operating in the transportation field. Her research interests include nonlinear control of nonlinear and cyber-physical systems, and networked control with applications to energy, automotive engineering, transportation technologies. She is currently Associated Editor of  IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems. She is also the Vice-chair of the IEEE ITSS – Italian Chapter and a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Smart Cities (TC-SC).



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